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23 and Me

  • 12:53 a.m. Oh God! I have to be up in less than four hours for work!
  • Wellesley Farms House Blend Coffee. Yeah, Caffeine is really going to help that insomnia, Cris.
  • Lori McKenna: ‘And May God Forgive the Things I Do, That Puts Even One Mile Between Me And You.’

Staring at this “Personal Genetic Service” test. I’m vaguely curious of the results. I would actually have to open the box and do whatever is required to get them first. I haven’t.

I don’t know that I will. The test seemed like a good idea when both my wrists were screaming as I waited for the medicine that would shut them up at CVS earlier. Now…not so sure.

I know who I am: Mom. Now, forever, always.

I love you Leading Man #1. You are the best, and most important part of my life and I love you.

No DNA test required…IMG_0661


Just call me Cris...

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