Who Are These People?

A Brief Intro to the People, Places, and Things You’ll Meet Here…

Me: Cris, Cristina, Mom, Mother. Java-fueled, computer keyboard and Toyota Camry-powered, Proposal writer, editor, lifelong learner, word nerd. Former non-custodial Mom until Leading Man #1 turned 18 and custody ceased, STILL a long distance parent. Classic sci-fi fangirl, bookworm, tabletop roleplayer. Happiest when my son is with me watching Dr. Who or Star Wars.

Leading Man #1: LM#1, JR. My beautiful, amazing, awe-inspiring Autistic son. Now I’ve gone and embarrassed him saying he’s beautiful! Darn!

Leading Man #2: The Omen, Taller Half. My current, second, and definitively last-ever husband, for the last decade a woodworking, lumberjack CPA.

TheEx: Husband #1, Leading Man #3. My ex-husband, whom my son, his son as well, takes after in alarming ways (kidding). Also an IT security genius.

StepMom: TheEx’s current, second, and for my sake hopefully definitely last-ever wife.

The Canines: Rocky, Ella, R&E, Frick and Frack. Rocky the Boxer mix, and/or Ella, the Dane supermutt who adopted me – yes, I said that right, they adopted me, and The Omen, within 6 months of each other.

New Jersey: The Garden State. Birthplace of Leading Man #1, Leading Man #2, and TheEx. Land of chrome-infested diners and Taylor Ham, egg, and cheese on a hard roll. My home state from 1985 to 2010.

Waldwick: My Old Hometown. Waldwick, New Jersey, literally, my old hometown, the place I graduated high school, the place I still go for the best bagels, the best Taylor Ham (pork roll if you’re from Below Newark), Egg, and Cheese on a Hard Roll, and the best pizza in any state.

Massachusetts. MA, Home. Current home state of myself and Leading Man #2.

The Duck House: Home. The house in MA in which Leading Man #2 and I reside.

Baby Blue: My Trusty Toyota, the Intrepid Camry. The nickname for any one of the Toyota’s I’ve driven in my 10+ years as a long-distance parent living in Massachusetts.