Because Autism

I cannot possibly write about my life without writing about Autism, typically referred to as a “spectrum disorder affecting 1 in XX individuals.” I’ll leave the “XX” there in place of an actual number because the number of autistic people changes constantly the more the world learns about Autism.

By the way, Autism is NOT a disorder. Not in my eyes. Not in the #actuallyautistic community’s eyes either. A “disorder” is something that might someday be curable, or that can possibly prevented. A disorder is something those affected WANT cured, and/or prevented.

My son is Autistic. I have been told I exist somewhere on that vast spectrum. Neither of us wants a cure. There is nothing that can prevent Autism. Leading Man #1 has had and continues to have his ups and downs, just like any other late teen/early 20-something. He has other currently disabling conditions to go along with his being Autistic. I say currently because my son’s future is not written yet. Don’t judge him by what his Mom says in a blog. Don’t count him out of achieving his dreams, or doing anything he sets his mind to. He can. He always has. He already does. He will.

I have never been formally diagnosed with Autism, just told I meet the DSM-V criteria for being on the spectrum by the professional support team I enlisted to help me in my earliest years as a non-custodial and long-distance Mom, when I was wracked with guilt about one, the other, or both.

Common sense, you know. You have something in your head you can’t handle yourself, you go and talk to someone. You get help. In the beginning it was extremely hard for me to handle my son not living with me full-time. I felt guilty to my bones for abandoning my son by not fighting a custody battle. I also felt like everyone in the world was judging me – badly – for being a non-custodial MOM.

You can read all about that by clicking the “Past History” tab. Moving on…

No cures, no tragedies, and yes, we both get flu vaccines every year. This is life. We like it, and ourselves, as we are.