Dads Don’t Have It Easy Either

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When I first started writing about non-custodial and long distance parenthood, I focused on 2 things:

  • My experience as a Non-Custodial Mom, an anomaly in society.
  • My experience as the parent of an Autistic (his choice of wording, not mine) child.

Autism has no place here, unless you’re talking about the difficulties autistic children have with changes in routine, or co-parenting an autistic child.

A true support site for non-custodial parents cannot be just about Non-Custodial Moms, though. From a societal standpoint, non-custodial fathers may have it easier than the Moms do. Most people don’t bat an eye when they hear a father doesn’t have residential custody.

A parent is a parent. Living without your child isn’t easier or harder based according to gender. You don’t have to be a member of an NCP support group, such as Facebook’s Long Distance Parent Support Group, to know non-custodial dads miss their kids just as much as non-custodial moms do.  NCDads fight just as much for every moment they get with their kids and cherish every second once they get those moments as their maternal counterparts. The rules of co-parenting, of staying connected to your kids, of missing your kids, of trying to always put them first, as well as the legalities of custody, visitation, and child support are gender neutral.

The Mother Rogue supports ALL non-custodial parents who are working to support and stay connected to their kids.

A parent is a parent. The Non-Custodial Dads don’t have it any easier.